Unexpected Blooms No. 14


Katrina Revenaugh
Unexpected Blooms No. 14
Archival Pigment Ink, Acrylic, Spray Paint, Belgian Linen, Thrifted Chambray
Year: 2023
Image Size: 13 x 10.25
Frame Size: 21 x 36 Diptych
Note: Frames are heavy and vintage, well-worn with some patina
Signed: On Verso
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The graffiti botanical Diptych Unexpected Blooms No. 14 is a sensory journey. A fusion of art and nature. The rawness of graffiti and the delicate beauty of botanical forms. It explores the world of botanicals by reimagining their essence through abstract interpretations and hand-cut floral shapes. Hand cut Belgian linen, thrifted chambray and various mediums create a tactile 3-dimensional experience. Botanicals are infused with color of graffiti walls and street ephemera showcasing the inherent complexities and layers found in street art and the natural world. The hand-cut elements extend slightly beyond the vintage, breaking the visual plane. A neutral palette invites viewers to appreciate the subtleties and nuances present in each piece. The absence of bold hues serves to amplify the intricate details, inviting a closer examination of the artwork’s raw, organic qualities. It is through this understated color palette that the ephemeral nature botanicals is brought to life. This work features a heavy, vintage frame with antique gold accents.

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Dimensions 3 × 36 × 21 in


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