Artist Statement

With my work, I hope to make people appreciate graffiti and street art in a whole new way. I’ve traveled domestically and internationally to capture the essence of some of the most visually chaotic, raw and brilliant urban environments.

I love to spend hours researching the street art scene of a particular city, mapping out stops and wandering into local haunts to inquire about the best (or the worst depending on one’s perspective) places to find new source material— a decaying wall, a section from a tagged tunnel floor or a small portion of painted metal.

My studio practice begins by extracting little bits and pieces from my shots and carefully curating unique photographic libraries. Using these photographic elements like found objects, I carefully hand print, paint and collage— creating heavily layered abstract collages on wood and paper with a very painterly quality.

Certain characteristics of color, line and patina speak to me. They carry a sense of place and emotion which I want to preserve. Ultimately, the essence of the graffiti is still there, but it’s a totally reimagined piece.

Reinterpreting graffiti and street art is my expression of what I experience in the act of capturing an ever evolving scene. Immersing myself in these raw urban environments continues to transform me creatively. Ultimately,I hope my art transforms the viewer as it has transformed me.

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